Image from Joe Boruchow, words from Cervantes


“If love be courtesy refined,
And you be civil in profusion,
That you will to my hopes prove kind,
Is but a natural conclusion.” –
Antonio’s Song, Don Quixote pt I, chapter XI

Joe Boruchow, Be Courteous!
Joe Boruchow, Be Courteous!

Joe Boruchow occasionally sends out images from his cut paper series of posters related to political topics in the air.  The artist, who is as passionate about art and music as he is about the world around him, focuses in this new poster on the Henry Lewis Gates/Cambridge police brouhaha.  Boruchow’s started a blog in which you can peek in on the progress of his labor intensive cut paper pieces.  It’s very interesting to see the changes reflected from day to day, week to week.

About the “Gatesgate” I want to say President Obama blew his opportunity to make symbolic points with what he drank at that beer sit down at the White House with Gates and Sergeant Crowley.  Instead of drinking Bud Light, Obama could have had a beer by one of the great regional small breweries that are all over the land. Choosing the biggest (and maybe the worst) beer America sends a signal about choosing big and corporate over small and handcrafted.  He shoulda had a Victory, Yards, Sprecher, or Chicago’s big craft beer, Goose Island.  I know there are some people who like Bud and maybe our president is one of them.  But really, the whole event was symbolic; and a vote by the president for a little guy beer would have been a great touch.



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