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November Maps & Listings Update


In our first two months we’ve received contributions from over 80 local galleries & art spaces to our new Maps & Listings feature.  We’re working to make this system more friendly and useful to you!  Here is an update on where we’ve been with our maps, and where we’re going.

*NEW FEATURE* we’ve added a monthly sorting option that allows you to browse future shows and also lets you look back to shows that closed in previous months.  In addition, you can see what’s closing this week to make sure you catch not-to-miss shows before they’re gone.

This month we’ve also opened-up ongoing submissions through the end of the year.  Submit all events and shows that open in 2009.  In the current version of our listings, you must submit a new form for each show or event that you’d like to include.  In the future this will be more streamlined for our regular contributors.

Listings are updated weekly on Mondays.  Please submit listings for First Friday openings a week in advance so they can be available for Artblog’s First Friday picks.

In January 2010 we’re planning to release new management features to a group of our regular contributors that will allow you to submit multiple shows and events at once, and edit your gallery’s information.  This will make contributing to Maps & Listings a streamlined process that lets you easily publish your entire calendar.

Please continue to leave your comments below, it helps us improve our maps!