Westcott prints available now


This just in from Spector Projects (Shelley Spector’s freelance curatorial and products division), a new line of digital prints of paintings by the late Rebecca Westcott is available for purchase at the project’s website. The four, poster-sized works (largest is 49 1/2 x 34″) are based on four paintings by the Pew-winning Westcott, killed in a road-side accident in 2004 shortly after winning the fellowship.  The paintings on which the new digital prints are based are currently in the National Portrait Gallery as part of the show Communities — on view through July 10. (Andrea told you about that show previously.  We’re big fans of Westcott’s works and are thrilled to see her paintings in a show at the National Portrait Gallery. The new prints look beautiful and are a great way to keep the artist’s legacy alive.

Rebecca Westcott, Chi and Atari, digital print based on painting
Rebecca Westcott, Chi with Atari, Pigment Print Edition of 68 42″ x 28 1/2″ $300

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