Penn Museum takes on the Universal Subject of Sex


Things are getting lively at the Penn Museum.  I’ve just heard the museum is inviting the public (18 and older – not sure who they’re protecting – this morning’s BBC World Service carried a story about a company that’s marketing extra-small condoms for young users) to join in a discussion of what an exhibition on human sexuality might encompass; that sounds too interesting for artists and museum studies students to pass up! What about Sex(uality)? will be held at the museum on Tuesday, March 23 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.  Several distinguished experts will discuss four objects from the collection, including an Indian linga and Ancient Egyptian papyrus containing a story of a sexual encounter between two gods, which includes imagery of gender mutability. Participants will be allowed to examine the objects then formulate their own questions about them. Pre-registration is required.  Check it out here.

Lakota pipe bag with image of double woman Penn Museum

museum practice, penn museum, sexuality, workshop


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