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Grants for Crane, Vox Populi and six more arts groups for jobs and projects


Money time!  $500,000 in Creative Industry Workforce Grants were announced by Mayor Nutter yesterday in amounts ranging from $20,000 to $100,000.  Eight arts-related organizations received the grants for capital projects that will provide permanent and/or temporary jobs.  The grants come from the Community Development Block Grant program’s funding as part of the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA).  Read more in Philadelphia art czar Gary Steuer’s blog post.  Below is the list of recipients and a description of the projects.


Connection Training Services – $60,000
2243 W. Allegheny Street (North Philadelphia)
Creation of the North Philadelphia Creative Arts Center and Gallery at the Allegheny Business Center, an arts incubator for ex-offenders

Crane Old School, LP – $100,000
1425 N. 2nd Street (Kensington)
$1.7 million conversion of an historic school into multi-tenant artist and commercial arts space, including the new Pig Iron Theater School

Octo Enterprises Incorporated – $100,000
2214-14 Alter Street (Point Breeze)
Industrial building renovation and expansion for new artist workspace

Olney Cultural Collaborative – $20,000
An initiative of the North 5th Revitalization Project, a program of the Korean

Community Development Services Center (Olney)
Office renovation for neighborhood cultural programming initiative

Revolution Recovery – $40,000
7333 Milnor Street (Northeast)
Artist workspace and office space at recycling facility for a new artist in residency program.

Underground Arts at the Wolf Building – $50,000
340 N. 12th Street Associates, LP (Callowhill)
Creation of a Multi-disciplinary Arts Venue

Vox Populi – $30,000
319 N. 11th Street (Callowhill)
Creation of multi-disciplinary performance venue and additional artist studios

2215 East Tioga Street Gallery & Studios        – $100,000
2215 East Tioga Street (Kensington)
Rehabilitation to create an art gallery and sculpture garden