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Whose is it? Art property symposium “borrows” logo?


The logo on a symposium about intellectual property rights may arguably infringe on those IP rights. The symposium, Inspiration, Derivation or Appropriation? Defining Ownership in the Arts at Drexel next week sounded interesting to us, so we forwarded the info to Artblog contributor David Muenzer. Muenzer hails from Pittsburgh, and knows a Carnegie Museum of Art logo look-alike when he sees one. Here’s the Carnegie logo:

logo cmoa

And here’s the symposium logo:

As he pointed out in his email, “It’s funny that the logo for the copyright/appropriation lecture is so close to the Carnegie museum logo.” No doubt this will come as a surprise to the symposium organizers, who unwittingly created the perfect metaphor for their subject. Right here, we want to acknowledge there are also serious differences, but still, that brushstroke c …

Anyway, it’s an issue that interests us and we plan to be at Drexel next week to hear what the scholars have to say. Register at the link above (it’s free). The event is Wednesday, April, 21, 8:30am – 2:30pm at Drexel’s Behrakis Grand Hall in the Creese Student Center.