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Thursday morning reading roundup


From blogs to zines, here’s some interesting quick reads.

Two from Culture Monster

Architecture critic for the LA Times, Christopher Hawthorne, writes about Frank Gehry’s new Cleveland Clinic for Brain Health in Las Vegas. What a crazy looking building — my brain is jumping up and down just looking at it.

Frank Gehry’s new building in Las Vegas

In a roundup that lists awardees honored by the Association of Art Museum Curators is Michael Taylor, Curator of Modern Art at the PMA, given the “best permanent collection catalog” award for his book about Marcel Duchamp’s Etant Donnes.”  Andrea told you about Taylor’s scholarship on the quirky peephole piece.

Grumpy guy at the Guardian, Jonathan Jones, doesn’t like what he saw in No Soul For Sale at the Tate,  calling the encampments on the floor of the Turbine Hall (Vox and FLUXspace are included in this show)  ” …like the grisly litter of a cultural meltdown.”   I guess that’s one opinion.

Volume 2 of  AWRP journal, is online — downloadable in PDF form.  This volume of the local criticism zine started by former artblog writer John Vick, along with Lauren Rosenblum and Claire Howard, has three short articles in 16 pages — all worth reading.  I call your attention especially to the one by Lauren Rosenblum about now-defunct regional publications, the New Art Examiner and Arts Exchange.

Of particular interest to all of you thinking about a big regional show (call it biennial or whatever) is the synopsis about the 1991 Philadelphia Art  Now exhibition.  This show — which has not been repeated in any way, shape or form, was an institution-embraced and foundation-funded exhibit of regional talent that took place at PMA, ICA and PAFA.  William Penn Foundation backed it, including a catalog. (Where can one get that catalog??) Rosenblum also mentions the importance of documentation in general for an art community — and how history can help ground and move forward what’s happening in the current scene. Indeedy.