Bravo’s Work of Art has local connection

Did you watch the silliness in the first episode of Work of Art the other night? I watched it on Hulu last night.  Abdi Farah from Dover, PA, is a  2009 graduate of Penn Design.  Here’s a photo of one of his paintings from his senior thesis show.  When they flashed this painting on the screen I said–yo, I know that work.

Abdi, painting from his senior thesis exhibition at Penn in 2009

I feel sorry for these artists having to perform like trained dogs.  Actually the critics are performing like trained dogs too. It’s just silly.  Art is slow. How can you produce anything of significance in a competition with 13 hours to do it?

The whole episode feels edited down to the bone, with none of the juice or meat or interestingness left in it. I’ll probably keep watching if Hulu keeps serving it up but I have to say it’s just classic 2010 programming — flashy entertainment, no content — which might be said about the art that comes out of it as well. Not that I had great expectations, just saying.