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How half of Artblog lost its power


Feeling lucky! Our power outage was only 30 hours long. And the PECO guys in their orange t-shirts and overalls never looked better. Wish I had taken a picture of them. One of my neighbors, Mary, kept saying, “I love you.” Judy called them “rock stars.” That about sums in up!

IMG 6914
Here’s a picture of some of the evidence–a tree struck by lightening down the street. Then a bunch of electrical equipment burned out. Hence, no power.

Over in Clark Park, the devastation was stunning, a number of old sycamores on their sides, uprooted. Also a maple. This was one of those experiences that reminds you of how small you are, how awesome nature is, even here in the city.

During the outage, our block pulled together (thanks to our great block captain, Jamie), and we had ourselves a block party, grilling our melting food and hanging out on the street. This is why I love it here!