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More Philadelphia connections – to Site Santa Fe, RISD Museum and Qwangju Biennale


Several items in my inbox popped out at me recently.  They all involve Philly people working on stages outside our fair city.  I know there’s more–bring them on in the comments please.

Joshua Mosley at Site Santa Fe

Joshua Mosley, film still from dread, animated film. 6 minutes. Photo courtesy of ICA which showed the piece last year

Artist of sublime and philosophical clay animations with lovely soundtracks, Joshua Mosley was in the last Venice Bienale.  This summer his work is included in another international biennial, Site Santa Fe.  I’m not sure what film Mosley will be showing.

Here’s who else is in that big show: Robert Breer, Paul Chan, Martha Colburn, Thomas Demand, Brent Green,
George Griffin, Ezra Johnson, Bill T. Jones & OpenEnded Group, Mary Reid Kelley,
William Kentridge, Avish Khebrehzadeh, Laleh Khorramian, Maria Lassnig,
Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, Joshua Mosley, Oscar Muñoz, Jacco Olivier, Raymond Pettibon,
Robert Pruitt, Christine Rebet, Robin Rhode, Hiraki Sawa, Berni Searle, Cindy Sherman, 
Federico Solmi, Kara Walker, with historical works by Edison Manufacturing Company,
Fleischer Studios, Lotte Reiniger, and Dziga Vertov.   The biennial is curated by Sarah Lewis and Daniel Belasco and runs June 20-Jan 2, 2011. More about the biennial here.

Tristin Lowe in orbit at RISD Art Museum

1 font view
Tristin Lowe’s new felted piece, Lunacy, at the RISD museum

Fresh off tackling a felted inflatable sculpture of the world’s largest mammal, Mocha Dick the mythic whale, Tristin Lowe has gone celestial, sculpting a room-sized felted ball with craters and an orbiting space capsule. The piece, called Lunacy,  just opened at RISD museum.

6 from balcony with figure
Tristin Lowe, Lunacy and Visither 1 at the RISD museum. All photos of this work courtesy of the artist

There are fourteen sections sewn together and hand worked, and Tristin said in an email that the piece is 12 ft 6 in in diameter and made of wool felt.

3 neon Visither 1
Visither 1

“But it’s not stitched form work, like Mocha was,” he said.

[Ed note:  Mocha Dick, which showed last summer at the Fabric Workshop and Museum, has been traveling.  Here’s a video of Lowe installing the work at Williams College in Massachusetts.]

craters curvature
Lunacy, detail of craters

“I used tweezers and sculpted and brushed the felt over a sealed-air (no fan) silent inflatable armature of clear pvc  (that you can see into, thru a few craters, in spots).   RISD ceilings are almost 20′ and the neon piece I made with my uncle Dean Lowe (Visither 1) is roughly 50″ l x 22″ h x 31″ w)  with Argon gas and aluminum frame. ”

Tristin Lowe: Under the Influence, May 28 through Oct. 24 (closed in August).  More information about the installation here.

Purtill Family Business  designs Qwangju Biennale sourcebook






Qwangju Biennial sourcebook designed by Purtill Family Business


Did you know we have a powerhouse art catalog designer in Philly who has worked with major museums like the Whitney and has just finished the alternative/supplemental catalog for the Qwangju Biennale? Purtill Family Business, run by Conny Purtill (ICA curator Jenelle Porter’s significant other) is the designer. The new book is a daunting 572 pages with 400 color images, the tome is a research compendium for the biennale with information about the artists. It sounds a little like the book for the Younger than Jesus show at the New Museum–an outtake meant to be a kind of directory of facts and figures.

Edited by Massimiliano Gioni
Publication Advisors: Defne Ayas (ArtHub Asia)
Davide Quadrio (ArtHub Asia / Far East Far West Ltd)
Managing Editor: Cecilia Alemani
Designed by: Purtill Family Business
Paperback, 7 x 10 in., 572 pages including over 400 color reproductions
ISBN 978-89-87719-11-5
U.S. $20.00
Distributed by DAP More information on the 8th Gwangju Biennale

I’m Not There is published as a satellite research project of the 8th Gwangju Biennale. Separate from the exhibition
catalogue.  I’m Not There will be released June 16, 2010 in Basel, Switzerland.