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Monday morning tidbits


Hey, it’s Monday!  Wake up and try these links for a mix of fun and thoughtful stuff.

Annette Monnier, illustration from One Review a Month blog. Annette takes a wish.

Annette Monnier’s post on Rivanne Neuenschwander at the New Museum is up on One Review a Month.  Besides being the usual thoughtful writing,  Annette illustrated the post with her own drawings, which are hysterical and charming.  The post is all about her participation in the interactive art exhibition and so the act of illustrating this particular post is very appropriate.

Scratch your virtual itch at Austin Lee and Katrina Mortorff’s Exclamation Gallery.  This is the first time we’ve seen a virtual scratch-off and we love it.  The show — with the mystery artist (scratch the virtual scratch off and get an inscrutable clue) opens Friday.  If anyone figures it out let us know.

PEI’s video shows artist Thomas Nozkowski and Yale School of Art Dean Robert Storr pondering the issues of curating. Edited down to some tasty and digestible soundbites.