Our big night at Bambi Biennial

The second Bambi Biennial opens tonight, and we, the jurors, will be there taking pictures and schmoozing. We think it’s a great show! Are we allowed to say that?

Sarah Knouse, Pastoral Flamingos, 2009, 42 x 40 x 54 inches, cast polyester resins, urethan platic, shag, faux gilding paint, wood, mixed

The show’s at Bambi at the Piazza, 1001 N. 2nd St., Philadelphia, 6-10 tonight!

The show includes 32 artists selected from 183 submissions this year.  Here’s the list of who, in random order:

Alissa Eberle, Daniel Petraitis, 
Kate Mortorff, 
Maureen Wynne, 
Jennifer Herman, 
Montana Torrey, 
Dan Schank, 
Phil Jackson
, Michael Bednar, 
Joe Levickas
, Fay Stanford
, Susan Marie Brundage, 
Al Wachlin jr, 
John Woodin, 
Tyler Matthew Oyer, 
Karen Stone, 
Emily Satis
, Sarah Knouse, 
Matt Kalasky
, Rachel Timmins
, Warren Holzman
, John Karel, 
Philip DiWilliams, 
Hugh Meade, 
Bobby Gonzales, 
Jay Walker, 
Marie Perrin Mcgraw, 
Milana Braslavsky, 
Zach Osif, 
Alexandria Carrion, 
Daniel McCartney, 
Justin Rubich

While we’re reveling at Bambi, our posse of interns will spread out across the city, looking for what else is good!