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Sunday this and that – fountains, some animal parts and a butterfly


Hello, this is a wrap up of some things I saw recently that compelled me to whip out the camera — just some amusement in pictures.  For starters, I’ve been following the colored water in the city’s fountains for years now — pink, green and blue — and so here’s a shot of the City Hall fountain last Thursday.  Note how wild and crazy the splash is at the top of this water burst — positively ebullient!  Below is a picture of another fountain, very demure by comparison, in the park behind the Upper Merion municipal building in King of Prussia.  Compare and contrast, students, from all sociological and aquatic points of view.

colored water in City Hall fountain — click to see how wild the spash is.

fountain in Upper Merion. Look how tidy.

While out in Upper Merion, waiting for the library to open so I could go inside and work on the computer while I was waiting for my daughter to finish a class, I wandered around the municipal park behind the building.  There was a small Saturday morning farmer’s market going on, and last Saturday, a community fair, including baton twirling high schoolers, a great marching band and, waiting in the wings, a bunch of animals for the kids to ride on.  All I saw of the animals were a few parts peeking through the slats, highly worthy of a picture.  I hope the little guys got out of their trailer shortly, because they were pretty edgy in that hot cramped space.  There were 3 animals in the large space, two horses and what looked like a llama or alpaca.  The mystery nose in the hourglass window is probably a goat.

goat in a trailer waiting to be part of the Upper Merion community fair
Eyes, ears and a nose, in a trailer, Upper Merion.

Finally, it’s been a great year for butterflies in the garden.  Here’s a picture Stella took of what looks like a swallowtail on our cosmos.

Stella’s photo of a butterfly on our cosmos.

That’s it, the animal, vegetable and mineral of my week.  I have a few more pictures at flickr.