The return of the art season

Some more goings on of note this weekend:

A Philly-made video fest at the Painted Bride

Join us for a video trip to visit some great art tonight.


The video shows off Joshua Mosley‘s and Anthony Campuzano‘s shows at ICA and also the micro film-sets of the Quay Brothers at Rosenwald-Wolf Gallery. Video artist David Kessler created this episode of our video series Look! It’s Libby and Roberta in 2009. It  will screen at the Bride at 5:30 p.m., and we’ll be there, too, hanging around until 6.  Look! is the first in an evening of screenings by PhillyCAM that will include work from Big Tea Party, Scribe Video Center and Termite TV.  There’s also a film on Harvey Finkle, and film on women klezmer artists. Sigh! We’re in such good company. The program runs 5:30 to 8 p.m. We plan to be there 5:30 to 6. Here’s PhillyCAM’s full schedule.

PhillyCAM has a phone feedback line, 267 639 5483. I’m not sure what this means but they asked us to let our friends and fans know that they can use the number to call in with comments.

Publication party alert

Issue2releaseinviteYet another print publication about art, Possible Projects, has burst on the Philadelphia art scene.  Zine publishers Rachel and Trevor Reese are having a party tomorrow night (Saturday, Sept. 4), 7 p.m. to maybe 11ish to celebrate their second issue–so come and get your free zine. Contributors to this issue include Alex DaCorte, Regina Rex and more. The party is at the storefront at 873 E. Thompson St., Philadelphia.

Our Picks

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