Leah Bailis on film and longing, an Artblog Radio interview

Roberta and Libby interview Leah Bailis in this 12-minute podcast for Artblog Radio.

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Leah Bailis is known for architecture fragments, which she makes, painstakingly, out of paper and cardboard. In 2010 she was a finalist for the West Prize with a large paper-architecture installation. Her recent solo show at Vox Populi, where she is a member, took a new turn, away from architectural fragments and into art about the human figure. Sculptures of a couple kissing, where one person seems to be consuming the other and photos of herself in costume as Gustav von Aschenbach, the main character in the movie version of Death in Venice. While she can’t quite put her finger on why she’s made the change or what it means, Bailis tells us she’s interested in the idea of longing–and has been a cinema buff since undergrad at Bard where she was a film major.

Leah Bailis in her studio showing us the photos from her last solo show at Vox Populi

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