Daniel Traub on the interstices – an Artblog Radio interview

Roberta and Libby interview photographer Daniel Traub in this 14-minute podcast for Artblog Radio.

Our series sponsor is Fleisher Art Memorial.

Daniel Traub’s photographs of overgrown lots in North Philadelphia where rowhouses once stood have a mournful feel.  In Traub’s photos, on view at the Print Center until March 5, indomitable nature grows up tall where people once lived.  But the works are not so much about the man-nature struggle in the built environment.  They’re more about entropy and the way things are, the rub of time and place.  Traub spent the last nine years in China where he observed the building boom of gated communities rising next to shanty towns.  He talked with us about Philadelphia and China and about growing up with parents who are both activists.

Daniel Traub at the Print Center after our interview

This episode is edited by Peter Crimmins. The music is by Eric Biondo. Thanks to the Knight Foundation and our series sponsor, Fleisher Art Memorial, for their support of this project. And thanks to our partner WHYY for their ongoing support. You can listen to Artblog Radio on Apple and Spotify.