Farewell maps&listings and hello new “our picks” page!

Dear beloved Artblog readers,

After more than a year of putting up the best maps&listings for art galleries anywhere on the internet, we have decided to move our energies elsewhere. As of today we are taking down our maps&listings pages and are no longer accepting listings for shows and events on this site. We still want your listings, though! Email them to us at and Thank you, everybody, for your contributions to the maps pages over the past year! And thanks to everyone who used them.

Now for the good news. We will continue to pick “our picks” each month and we will send the picks out via the popular “our picks” email newsletter which currently goes to more than 1,000 subscribers! Sign up for the newsletter at the blue “newsletter” button at the bottom of the right column (above the live traffic report). Don’t want the newsletter? You can get “our picks” on Artblog via the brand new “our picks” page, which opens when you click the blue “our picks” button near the top of the right column.

For those of you who want to be considered for “our picks,” email us your show and event information by Friday prior to First Friday for us to consider you for the “Our Picks” newsletter.  We will not be sending out reminders to get this done.

Maybe now is also the time to remind you also that advertising on Artblog is a really great way to get your shows and events seen by Artblog’s readers. Our audience is growing daily and our ad rates are affordable.

Many, many thanks from us to Kelani Edmondson and Howie Ross for their magical design, programming and implementation. And many many thanks to data magician Beth Heinly.  Together you guys created something wonderful for Philadelphia that will be missed.

If you are interested in helping to reinvent the maps project, please contact the Maps & Listings Team.

Libby and Roberta