Deep thoughts at Extra Extra, on Artblog Radio

Roberta and Libby interview Derek Frech, Joe Lacina and Daniel Wallace of Extra Extra gallery in this 13-minute podcast for Artblog Radio.

The triumvirate who run Extra Extra aim their exhibitions at fellow artists. For the gallery’s team of Derek Frech, Joe Lacina and Daniel Wallace, success is not defined by sales. Rather, it’s defined by ideas, the conversation and the buzz the exhibit generates in Philadelphia’s alternative art community. They want to get people thinking, and they themselves do a lot of thinking.

Joe Lacina, Daniel Wallace and Derek Frech, with lady and bird (from Alex da Corte’s show) at Extra Extra

This episode is edited by Peter Crimmins. The music is by Eric Biondo. Thanks to the Knight Foundation for helping us get the ball rolling on this project. Thanks to J-Lab and William Penn Foundation for additional support and to our partner WHYY NewsWorks for their ongoing support. You can listen to Artblog Radio on Apple and Spotify.