New podcast – Susan Myers on art, beauty and thrift shopping


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Susan Myers‘ art lies between art and craft. Her beautifully-made sculptural objects are crafted from re-used thrift shop finds, especially those engraved commemorative silver tea trays that get discarded after years of sitting in a drawer or on a shelf.  Myers also makes exquisite bows (like gift package bows) out of aluminum roof flashing.  Her work questions values and life styles and employs humor along the way. The artist, who is from Virginia originally, has an MFA from Syracuse University and a BFA from Virginia Commonwealth University. Susan talks about how the art and craft landscape is changing and about trends for metalsmiths that involve digital tools to guide fabrication. Listen to the short sample below and to the full, 10 minute, 55 second episode below that.

Susan Myers, in her studio in Mt. Airy. Photo by Ephraim Russell


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This episode is edited by Peter Crimmins. The music is by Eric Biondo. Thanks to the Knight Foundation for helping us get the ball rolling on this project. Thanks to J-Lab‘s Enterprise Reporting Fund and William Penn Foundation for additional support and to our partner WHYY NewsWorks for their ongoing support and for sharing artblog radio episodes on the arts & culture page of their community news site You can subscribe to artblog radio on iTunes.


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