I laughed I cried–mini-documentaries from Art 21

Blah blah blah went the promospeak from Art21. So I skipped to the videos–brief (6 mins. or so) documentary clips on artists early in their careers.

One of the ads that provoked artist LaToya Ruby Frazier

First I laughed with Kalup Linzy and James Franco (yes, that James Franco) performing camp rap; then I watched a sad one of LaToya Ruby Frazier wearing out a pair of Levi’s jeans to protest a Levi’s advertising campaign that hit too close to her home–Braddock, PA.

They turn out to be the highlights, along with a Shana Moulton interview. But that’s just me. The videos are part of a new Art 21 series, New York Closeup.

The artists generally overcome the videographers mission of turning the subjects into celebrities. More videos coming soon. You can follow them on Twitter, of course. And watch on Vimeo or YouTube if you prefer.