News roundup for you

Sad News

Walter Edmonds

We are sad to bring you the news that Philadelphia Artist Walter Edmonds, 73, died of a heart attack on June 12th.

Walter Edmonds

He was well-known for his murals inside the Church of the Advocate in North Philly which were painted along with artist Richard Watson. From 1973 – 1976 the pair painted 14 of the murals on for the Episcopal congregation.

Prince Twins Seven-Seven

African artist and musician Twins Seven-Seven died on June 16th after suffering a stroke back in April 2011.

Twins Seven-Seven

One of the original artists of the Oshogbo School which rose to prominence in the newly independent Nigeria of the 1960s, he participated in shows around the world. His work is part of many private and museum collections including the Smithsonian and the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Other News

Maiden voyage of Midnight St. Claire

A new artist-run digital publication, The Nicola Midnight St. Claire, has just released its first issue! Half ocean-liner, half experimental digital art outlet – the Midnight St. Claire will be released on the second Friday of every month.

Pittsburg Biennial

The Pittsburgh Biennial had its opening reception on June 16th. The exhibition showcases Pittsburgh’s art scene through a global lens at three venues around the city. This surely raises some questions as to why Philadelphia does not have its own biennial. In a city as large as Philadelphia with such a robust and diverse art community, why hasn’t such an exhibition been organized?

Spiral jetty in jeopardy

The iconic Utah earthwork by Robert Smithson has run into legal trouble.

Spiral Jetty

The New York-based Dia Foundation was late on its annual $250 payment (yes, $250!) for the land where the jetty exists. According to Utah state officials, the Dia Foundation also failed to respond to an automatically generated notice in February that its 20-year lease had run out. While this doesn’t directly endanger the earthwork, it does place its future scarily in limbo.  The state of Utah now owns the Spiral Jetty.

ICA appoints Alex Klein as new program curator

The Institute of Contemporary Art has appointed Alex Klein as its new program curator. An artist and writer originally based in Los Angeles, Klein will aim will be to foster multi-dimensional programming and a more integrated website as part of ICA’s future.


Vox Populi will host writer Becky Hunter on June 26 at 6 PM as the first of a series of free workshop geared to help artists write and communicate about their work. Other workshops in the series include “An Artist’s Guide to Blogging: Setting up your blog, what to write & getting noticed by Google; An Artist’s Guide to Critical Writing: Step by step constructing a thoughtful exhibition review; An Artist’s Guide to Statements & Bios: Tailoring your “about me” text to various audiences.”

Vox is also accepting applications for solo or small, curated group exhibitions. The deadline is July 15, and you can find all the details on their submissions page.

Skywards Future Artists Competition is seeking applicants for it’s 2011 search for new artists. Prizes include $5,000 and a showcase of their art at the upcoming Art Dubai. The deadline is July 14.


Tristin L0we: Under the Influence will be opening at the PMA in October. On display will be Lunacy, his moon-like sphere constructed from felt and measures 12 1/2 feet in diameter.

Bridgette Mayer Gallery welcomes its new artist Arden Bendler Browning, and announces her participation in the upcoming show Urbanism: Reimagining the Lived Environment at PAFA.