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Tyler Kline’s art is influenced by mythology, by community and by his childhood in the small town of Stone Mountain, GA, which was a pretty magical place to grow up in, with lakes and a pine forest and lots of heavy flowering magnolias and droopy weeping willows. A bit Southern Gothic to hear the young artist talk about it. Tyler graduated from PAFA with an MFA this spring. His work has been shown locally at Little Berlin, where he is a member, and at Rebekah Templeton and Vox Populi. He has made installations using sheets of aluminum foil and string; and objects that look like demons, oozing mountains or skulls out of painted aluminum foil. He doesn’t shy away from using “ugh” factor materials like fingernail clippings, hair and, in the case of his thesis show, false teeth. Below is the short clip from our interview with Tyler. Listen to the full episode next Monday.

      Tyler Kline 42 sec. sample

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