New podcast-Joe Leroux and Stacey Lee Webber, from Madison to Port Richmond and why they love it here
Roberta and Libby interview Joe Leroux and Stacey Lee Webber in this 15-minute podcast for Artblog Radio.


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Joe Leroux and Stacey Lee Webber live in Port Richmond, where they also have a studio nearby. They both have MFA’s from the University of Wisconsin, and while they are both sculptors.  Joe’s work combines performance, photography and sculpture, in which the artist is the featured figure – kind of like Matthew Barney, only without all the makeup. Stacey’s a metalsmith and makes use of found coins and paper money which she transforms into new objects including a complete step ladder out of pennies. They both teach at local art schools and they’ve both had success showing work nationally but they’d like to stay in Philadelphia and envision a future where their friends move here and they all rent studios in the same building with lots of opportunity for  social and art interaction.  Stacey will be in the “40 under 40: Craft Futures” exhibit at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery next year.  Below is a 38-second sample from our interview.  On the jump page is the full 14-minute interview along with (NEW!) a slide show of images.

This episode is edited by Peter Crimmins. The music is by Eric Biondo. Thanks to the Knight Foundation for helping us get the ball rolling on this project. Thanks to J-Lab‘s Enterprise Reporting Fund and William Penn Foundation for additional support and to our partner WHYY NewsWorks for their ongoing support. You can listen to Artblog Radio on Apple and Spotify.


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