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Amber Dorko Stopper thinks of herself as a writer, not an artist. But she makes beautiful art, has a printing press in the living room (yes she uses it), and can knit her way out of a paper bag into a garden of unearthly delights–ephemera to be used, abused and tossed. She lives in a South Philly rowhouse with her husband Ben and her two children–Claudia is African American, Bela is Korean. Their ethnicities have inspired her artwork and her writing, and her relationship with them is as a fellow explorer in a world full of marvelous variety. When South Street punk-rocker/artist Mikey Wild was dying last month, she threw herself into organizing a one-day art show/celebration of his work and life at Pageant Gallery. She had her first solo exhibition last month in the Olean, NY, Juneteenth celebration, exhibiting her video about exploring her family’s ethnicity.

Below is the short clip from our interview with Stopper. Listen to the full episode next Monday.

      Amber Dorko Stopper 56-minute sample

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