Annette Monnier on liking–and not liking–art, next on artblog radio

Before the Vox building became a stacked art building, it was home to Black Floor Gallery. The groundbreaking Black Floor and its successor, Copy Gallery, are both gone, but they will remain remembered as among the best collective galleries in town in the first decade of the Twenty-First Century. One of the founders of both spaces is artist Annette Monnier, who came to town after art school in Cincinnati.  Monnier is still making art. But most of her time is spent running the ClayMobile program out of the Clay Studio. And she writes a blog about art, One Review a Month, which we especially like because she is thoughtful, lucid, and down to earth even when discussing theory–a rarity in art writing. She is down to earth when she talks about herself and her own art, too. Below is a clip from our interview. Listen to the full podcast next Monday.

Annette Monnier 47-second sample

In the interest of full disclosure, before Monnier worked for the Clay Mobile, she worked part-time as our advertising coordinator.