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Everyone loves a parade – Miss Rockaway picture post


These pictures were taken on Sept. 10 on York Street just above Coral Street. Little Berlin (Viking Mills) was a half a block away at Boston and Coral Streets. The parade started on York St and eventually ended at Flux Space, 3000 Hope St.

Marshalling on York St. before the parade

The participants in the Miss Rockaway Armada parade (a project sponsored in Philadelphia by the Art Alliance) gathered on Little Berlin’s Fairground/Garden that borders both York and Boston St. This lot is in the planning stage of becoming a community artistic park and performance area.

The band warming up

The parade participants were small in number but high in spirit. The event drew the watchful eyes of the neighbors, who found it amusing. The young toughs’ hard looks and comments were set aside with laughter when I approached them and said, “Now we know why they call this New Kensington.” The mood of fun was too strong to be spoiled.


Eight musicians formed and molded themselves into a marching band. The pleasant spontaneity of their music outweighed the perfection of their sound. (I don’t recall what songs they played but they were familiar.)


Everyone loves a parade, and so I was there too. My intention was to record the event in pictures and to meet and talk with the paraders and the neighbors. I found the neighbors very in tune and much in favor, with hope for the wider picture of the New Kensington, whereas, the participants were mostly caught up in the moment.


–Fishtown resident and long-time observer of the scene, Roman Blazic is an artist and the event photographer for the Friends of Penn Treaty Park. He will have an exhibition of his works at Michael’s Decorators,when their building renovations are completed.