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Near the Brooklyn Bridge


On a visit to see Alex and Lindsey in Brooklyn, we walked over to DUMBO. The blue lights of this installation caught our eyes–a beautiful shade of blue–so we entered what were basically the remaining four walls of an old tobacco warehouse, now a public open-air space along the waterfront.

Origin by United Visual Artists (UK). The LED lights changed color and sound like snippets of conversation sputtered as we walked through the installation

The installation, Origin, by the UK group United Visual Artists, with sound by Scanner, was a rectilinear scaffolding built on a stage-y platform. We weren’t the only people wandering through and wondering why build a non-building. And why the percussive flashes of what might have been words. I think it’s fair to say Alex got the most out of it. He said it reminded him of being in the city, overhearing conversation fragments and experiencing the tall buildings and city lights.

Alex and Lindsey in DUMBO in front of Origin. When the lights are off, it’s just an aluminum framework.

When I read that it came from the UK, all I could think of was the cost of shipping this. Could it possibly have been worth it?