News: Dave Kim nominated by Philebrity, Diplomat Gallery, and Vincent Romaniello


Dave Kim’s BFFF fabulousness
The third annual reader’s poll nominees include Dave Kim, whose project My BFFF (Best Facebook Friends Forever) is picked for the fabulousness category! Kim’s project made him a slave to the social media site’s suggestions and dictates between April 1 – 30, 2011. He did anything Facebook would tell him to do.

Printeresting gets Warhol/Creative Capital writers’ grant!
Congratulations, Jason Urban, Amze Emmons and R.L. Tillman of Printeresting on winning this coveted grant for excellence in art writing! Printeresting is a blog founded by Urban (former Philly guy now in Texas), Emmons (Philly) and Tillman (Baltimore). Take a look at how many blogs won! In previous years they didn’t know how to deal with blogs–artblog was a finalist in one of those years. Now it seems they’ve adopted the excellent art blogosphere! Check the website for all the winners.

Diplomat the newest gallery around town

Diplomat Interior


Appropriately named gallery “Diplomat” showcases international artists working in the medium of photography. Each month the gallery exhibits either a solo or group exhibition of artist(s) from one specific country. Their third exhibition To The United Kingdom features photographs by Nik Adam, Luke Norman, Peter Haynes, and Nicoli Haeni. The reception is December 10 at 6:00 PM.

Art in an elevator shaft!
A new makeshift venue, THE SHAFT occupies the space between gallery and hallway. Elevating passengers to a new floor, THE SHAFT presents a series of site-sensitive, participatory artworks created by emerging and mid-career artists. Come check out THE SHAFTING at the Vox building – 319 N. 11th Street – this Friday at 7 PM. (Dedication @7:45) A project of Maiza Hixon, curator at DCCA and Lauren Ruth.

Vincent Romaniello…
The author of the flame-throwing blog artblahg has been definitively found out to be Vincent Romaniello. The sleuths who uncovered this information are dedicated to finding and outing trolls by tracing IP addresses and identifying users. Enough said.

Artist News

Lynette Shelly
Lynette Shelly, “Harley”, 2011.

Lynette Shelley has licensed her animal-theme artwork as cross-stitch patterns for GeckoRouge Modern Cross Stitch. Cool.


James Johnson is part of an exhibition with Jean Alexander Frater, Jassie Rios, and Oscar Scantillan at GuestSpot in Baltimore. The show opens on December 9.

Space Post
A view of Tyler Held’s “Space Post”.

Tyler Held constructed and lived in his most recent project “Space Post” in the desert of California. We told you about this before.

Erin Murray is in the upcoming show at the Viewing Room in New York’s Nancy Margolis Gallery.