Next on Artblog Radio, Matt Kalasky, artist and editor of the Nicola Midnight St. Claire


Matt Kalasky graduated from Tyler with an MFA in sculpture in 2011.  We’ve seen his work in several emerging artist shows in Philadelphia including Vox VI in 2010 and the Bambi Biennial, also 2010, which we juried.  He was also in one of Rebekah Templeton’s emerging artist shows.  His art is influenced by science fiction and fantasy movies of the Star Wars/Star Trek variety. Matt is the editor in chief of the newly launched online arts publication The Nicola Midnight St. Claire.  One of his final projects in grad school was a multi-media performance called The Last Symposium, in which the subject was the end of the world.  Here’s a clip from our conversation with Matt.  You can hear the entire episode on JAN 2, 2012.

      Matt Kalasky 38-second clip


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