artblog Art Safaris – Episode 2, Outside/Inside the Box at the Icebox


We ventured out for our first official artblog Art Safari on March 2, traveling to Crane Arts, B-Square Gallery and the Vox building. Episode 2, here , shows Bruce Hoffman and Amy Orr talking with us at the Icebox about their Fiber Philadelphia shows. Two more video episodes on their way for the other two stops we made. Stay tuned! We’ll try to run them on Mondays to supercharge your week.  If you’re wondering why this is episode 2, that’s because episode 1 ran last October and chronicled our trip to Temple Gallery as part of our safari practice run.  You can see episode 1 on the art safaris page or on the videos page.

This episode is recorded and edited by the intrepid Kim Paynter of WHYY’s — thanks Kim! Thanks also to the Knight Foundation for the matching Arts Challenge Award for the safaris. Thanks to the Miami Foundation, With Art Philadelphia, University of the Arts, the Barnes Foundation’s Art Now class, and to all our supporters who helped us match and exceed the grant amount! You can subscribe to our videos on our YouTube Channel.


amy orr, art safaris, bruce hoffman, crane arts, episode 2, fiber philadelphia 2012, icebox project space, outside/inside the box



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