Coming Monday – Quay Branly Museum’s Masters of Chaos show and more from Paris


I’m organizing my Paris post. Here’s an image from the show Masters of Chaos at the Quay Branly Museum. (read about the show here). The idea behind the show, or at least one idea, is that some artists are shaman, and all artists court chaos from which to order their work. The staging of the show is hyper-dramatic, with exposed infrastructure hulking everywhere, and raw plaster oozing around the edges.  I love the glass cases they made for the objects to sit in.  More soon, stay cool out there!

Haniwa, is a shaman figurine. Japanese. 5th-6th century, ceramic with traces of paint. Brooklyn Museum. protective tomb figure representing a priestess or shaman who presides over funeral ceremonies

masters of chaos, quay branly museum, shamanism



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