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Jordan Graw at the new Bunker Hull in Port Richmond


We can hardly keep up.  Here’s another new space, Bunker Hull, which is showing work by Jordan Graw until Aug. 4. The venue, at the corner of Memphis and Susquehanah way up there in Port Richmond, is in the home of Marc Zajack, who turned the front, bunker-like space pictured into a gallery (notice the small, high window — that is Zajack leaning on the window by the way, not Graw). This is the third show at the space.  Zajack told us that he previously was with a group called Table Space for about a year. The artist-gallerist hopes to have a works on paper show (he makes sculpture and works on paper) and his next exhibit, in February, will be Kristin Taylor, co-founder of Little Berlin, who organized the memorable Landscape Techne show for her space a while back.

Marc Zajack, gallerist, at Bunker Hull with Jordan Graw’s Yes, But Only When I Drink 72 X 50, 2011

Graw’s paintings (see them all at his flickr site), which fill the small, high-ceilinged gallery, are spooky campfire narratives featuring deep dark woods, a cabal of alien-esque characters standing in a circle as if performing some ritual and an empty pickup truck corralled by a group of trees. The saturated colors of the sunset world and the outsider-y compositions feel like they rushed into life by an artist capturing a dream. The show is up to Aug. 4. Visits by appointment, email

Graw, by the way, will be performing a collaborative audio piece with Jared Burak Friday night at Grizzly Grizzly, part of their Hot! August! Night! event.

I’ll Try Anything Once 72 X 50, 2011 by Jordan Graw at Bunker Hull