Talking to inanimate objects – Sara Gersbach and her cake at Delaware County


Inanimate objects are so great!  They take all the abuse we heap on them, the kicking, screaming, banging, throwing, breaking.  And they don’t complain, don’t call you on how ridiculous you are being in your anger.  Sara Gersbach takes this to a new level in her Argument with a Baked Cake.  She riles against the carb-filled wonder that she made.  She hates it, she loves it.  It is her mother, it is her daughter, it is her.  What a psychology case study is a cake.  Who knew?  Sara’s piece, which has a lovely angry audio component is one of the wonderful objects in the sculpture show 215/610 at Delaware County Community College Art Gallery.  I will write more about the show — curated by the great Sid Sachs — later in the week.  If you want a quick peek at the rest of the show, check out my flickr.

Sara Gersbach’s Argument with a Baked Cake at DCCC



anger, cake, dccc, sara gersbach, sculpture



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