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News post – Good Game mag debuts, KAWS at PAFA, Jaime Treadwell in Juxtapoz, opportunities and more!



Via Sam Belkowitz – A new magazine in town promises to be a strong hitter for our city’s cultural journalism. Good Game, an upcoming art quarterly based in Philadelphia, seeks to be a conduit between Philly and the international art world. The first issue is slated to include artwork and writings by (get ready) Zoe Strauss, Thom Lessner, Jesse Butcher, Chip Schwartz, Sam Belkowitz, Jamie Diamond, Barbara Jenkings, Issac Lin, Matthew Pruden, Matthew Suib, Nadia Hironaka, Christopher P. Mcmanus, Lee Arnold, Thomas Devaney, Micah Danges, Will Brown, J Makary, Maria Dumlao, Jessie Pires, Shana Illingworth, Josh Rickards, Helen Cahng, Drew Dunlap, Michelle Chong, Gabie Strong, Danielle McCullough, Tim Eads, Carlos Avendano, Raul Romero, Austen Brown, Stacey Dougherty, Lord Whimsey, Lauren Ruth, Allison Dobkin, and Beth Heinly.

KAWS, COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH), 2010, Fiberglass, metal structure and paint, 208 1/2 x 169 1/4 x 185 inches.
KAWS, COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH), 2010, Fiberglass, metal structure and paint, 208 1/2 x 169 1/4 x 185 inches.

PAFA has partnered with Amtrak to bring Brooklyn-based pop culture artist KAWS’ 16-feet-tall COMPANION (PASSING THROUGH) sculpture to 30th Street Station from April 11 – May 14. Companion, a veteran of international travel since its first version in 1999 as a seven and three-quarter inch limited edition toy, is one of KAWS’ signature works. Its appearance at 30th Street Station serves as a preview of KAWS’ year-long Sculpture Plinth Exhibition at PAFA – specifically, the façade above the front door of PAFA’s Historic Landmark Building – which opens in October of this year and continues until August 2014. Those familiar with London’s public art may recognize this exhibition’s precursor in the Fourth Plinth Program at  Trafalgar Square. The KAWS installation is the first of a series of year-long installations on the plinth to bed succeeded by future artists. Rounding out the already substantial exhibition is a show inside PAFA’s Historic Landmark Building (October – December 2013), featuring additional work.


The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center’s put out the word for their 4th annual photo competition, juried by Lesley Martin, Publisher of the Aperture Book Program and Andy Adams, Creator of All subject matter, photographic techniques and processes are fair game. Selected works are shown at PPAC from June 13 – August 24, 2013 and posted on PPAC’s website as long as the exhibition’s up. The entry fee is $40 for a maximum of 5 images. Entry fees are non refundable. First, second and third place winners receive $750, $200 and $100 in cash prizes.  All entries must be received by Tuesday, April 30, 2012. Take note: submissions are only accepted online at Email and mail submissions will not be accepted. Winning submissions are announced May 13, 2013 via email.

Arts-tech is a rich area of practice (anyone who knows us knows we can talk about it until the end of time). Intersection at Pterodactyl calls for arts-tech practitioners who mainly examine technologies’ ability to create media indistinguishable from experience. All mediums are welcome for submission, and all work is subject to review by both the curator and host gallery before selection. The deadline is March 29. Selected artists are notified by Friday, April 5, and accepted work must be delivered to Pterodactyl Gallery, 3237 Amber St. Box 3, 5th Fl. N. Philadelphia, PA 19134, by Wednesday, April 24. To submit your work, please contact Keith Hartwig.

If you’re a cameraperson and seeking some last-minute (although unpaid) work with fun people, there’s a gig available on Saturday night in Stratford, where a multi-camera test shoot at the Landmark Americana Tap & Grill is set to start at 9PM.  The band they’re shooting is THE CHATTERBAND. If you are free and would like to be a cameraman for this shoot, please contact James Jaeger immediately at 610-688-9212.

Hidden City’s 2013 Festival is coming up, and you don’t have to remember its last go-around to get excited, not least of all because this means work opportunities. For the festival, held between April 15-July 15, they’re seeking two positions, a Director of Visitor Services to manage all box office activities and staff, and a Venue Manager for one of the Hidden City sites. Full details are available at the GPCA job bank here and here; resumes and references can be sent to Bryan S. Clark,

Artist News

Cathy Park Hong and Mores McWreath’s online e-chapbook exhibition “The Rub” is now up as part of the New Museum First Look Series. A word about the website, from the artists: make sure to click “view work” and once it’s loaded, click anywhere to keep continuing onto the next page.  This e-chapbook is presented as a companion to the Museum’s “Stand Up” symposium, scheduled on March 30, 2-5. Check the Museum’s site out for more info and tix.

Some of the Jaime Treadwell goodness that's out in print via Juxtapoz this month.
Some of the Jaime Treadwell goodness that’s out in print via Juxtapoz this month.

Jaime Treadwell is  a featured artist in this month’s issue of Juxtapoz Magazine (12-page spread), and has been included in the magazine’s mammoth book “New Contemporary.” Looks like we have not one but two additions to the ever-growing reading list!

Suburban shoutout – April 6 brings, along with (please, nature) some balmy weather, an all-day studio tour of artists living and working in the Haddon Township, Collingswood and Haddonfield environs. Terence Smith, Bob and Phyllis Jackson, Jocelyn Tice, and a few other Plastic Club regulars are participating. Check out their Facebook site ( 4 Towns 4 Art ) for some bios and pics.

Camilla Boemio is curating “American Cities,” a show featuring the works of Catherine Opie and William E. Jones, held at Rome’s Casa dell’Architettura. The exhibition runs from April 10-22, with an opening reception at 6 PM on April 10. The website is in Italian, but it’s fairly cohesive for non-Italian speakers.

Alex Da Corte, Crossover Cameo, 2013.
Alex Da Corte, Crossover Cameo, 2013.

Alex Da Corte has created a piece of work for Harlem Postcards, an ongoing reflection by contemporary artists of diverse backgrounds on Harlem. Each artist has contributed a photograph, reproduced as a limited edition postcard available free to visitors, which means yes, you can make someone seriously crack up and/or scratch their head by sending them the above image the old-fashioned way.