Decade-of-Artblog videos – Episode 7!


Seven people speak about artblog in our 7th, Decade-of-Artblog video! Watch this short 2-minute and 23-second video to hear what Julian Phillips, Syd Carpenter, Hilary Jay, Gary Steuer, Dave Kyu, Edith Newhall and Nathaniel Popkin have to say. [Hey everyone, we had our first Decade-of-Artblog party this weekend and it was great!  We will have some photos to show you soon!  Thanks to everybody who came to celebrate with us, and sign up for a ticket to one of our two remaining parties on Nov. 7 and Nov. 9. We’d love to see you there. Details at TicketLeap! –the editors]



Dave Kyu, decade of artblog, edith newhall, gary steuer, Hilary Jay, Julian Phillips, nathaniel popkin, syd carpenter, videos



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