News post – Sarah Sze bends minds at FWM, InLiquid lets Dancing Critters into Shipley, Skout Media does up Old City, opportunities and more!


Sarah Sze's daunting set-up at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Photo courtesy of the artist.
Sarah Sze’s daunting set-up at the Fabric Workshop and Museum. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Lots of buzz this week surrounding new, tremendous site-specific sculptural work by Sarah Sze at The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM): Sze’s first solo show as the FWM’s Artist-in-Residence (not to mention the US representative at the 2013 Venice Biennale) is kicking off tonight with an artist lecture at 5:30 pm, then a reception until 8pm. This show, on view through April 6, 2014, culminates with a publication.

If you’re anything like us, videos that capture the spirit of our favorite neighborhoods are the equivalent of the Rocky theme music. Skout Media won us over this week with a beautiful presentation called “Old City – Independent By Design” that runs the gamut from Art in the Age to Brave New Worlds to the Clay Studio to, of course, First Friday. Is it First Friday yet? No? This is a problem.

Bears, sharks, lasers: the usual NoseGo suspects. Courtesy of the artist and Alter Street Artists.
Bears, sharks, lasers: the usual NoseGo suspects. Courtesy of the artist and Alter Street Artists.

In other video goodness news, Alter Street did a fairly delightful interview with NoseGo aka Yis Goodwin this week, wherein (spoiler alert) he reveals that he would most like to be remembered for being “bodacious.” We think this is a reasonable expectation.


via Leeway – The deadline for the Center For Emerging Visual Artists’ Art in the Open 2014 is approaching rapidly, with submissions ending December 15 (this Sunday). For those unfamiliar with this very cool event, from May 16-18, professional artists working in all media work outdoors on the Schuylkill River Banks, taking plein air to a contemporary level. Selected artists have a great in for complementary programming,  public engagement events, and exhibitions created during AiO in the gallery at The Center for Emerging Visual Artists. To give yourself an idea about what’s been done in the past, check out Art in the Open and learn more about how to enter.

If you’re an eleventh-hour sci-fi buff with some spare scrawlings lying around, put on some Sun Ra or crack open a Neal Stephenson novel because you’re in luck: the Head & The Hand Press is collecting stories for the second installment of their global and interplanetary-themed almanac series, the Asteroid Belt Almanac. Seeking creative work in the form of nonfiction, visual art, or fiction that explores the interplay between science and technology in society, the H&TH folks would like submitters to consider how advances in science and technology impact their lives and creativity daily. There’s room for satire, dystopia, and a bevy of other genre mainstays. The deadline is today, December 13, 2013.


Artist News

Judy Gelles got in touch from the madness of Context Art Miami to give us the scoop on an interview she did with Patrick Ogle from Keep an eye out for that to appear. Additionally, we have it on Judy’s authority that not only are there an absolute ton of people at Miami, but people are actually buying again. Oh, art world! You are something else.

An overview of Ben Woodward's self-explanatory "Dancing Critters." Courtesy of InLiquid.
An overview of Ben Woodward’s “Dancing Critters.” Courtesy of InLiquid.

The Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA is on our list of environs to check out in our holiday wanderings this year. The Dancing Critter series, a cherished project of West Philly-born artist Ben Woodward, is a special presentation by InLiquid. From November 18 until December 20, the school’s Speer Gallery is showing the Dancing Critters, the results of Woodward’s collaboration with his daughter Atari (Atari!) and the Graffiti for Five-Year-Olds program he started. Woodward’s Dancing Guys have long been a neighborhood staple, and now they can be enjoyed by newcomers. The exhibition also features 10 x 10 works by Chogrin Muñoz (aka Joseph Game), Brooke Hine, Colleen Hammond, Melinda Steffy, Jonathan Pinkett, Rebecca Gilbert, Margaux Kent, Keith Breitfeller, Brad Carney, Kara LaFleur, David Guinn, Walter Kent, El Toro (Justin Nagtalon), Anne Canfield, and Deborah Curtiss.