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News post – in memory of Terry Adkins, Zoe Strauss auction by FPA, Dom Streater takes to NYFW, opportunities and more.




Terry Adkins, who passed away last weekend at 60. Photo: PennDesign.
Terry Adkins, who passed away last weekend at 60. Photo: PennDesign.

Sad news from over the weekend: Terry Adkins passed away at the age of sixty. Finding a starting point for his achievements is difficult, but he was one of our most treasured artists, not to mention an extremely gifted professor at Penn who taught and influenced lots of us. There are numerous articles on artblog about him, in addition to notes of remembrance from Gallerist NY and PennDesign. Look for his latest work, three-dimensional representations of bird songs made from cymbals and percussion instruments at this year’s Whitney Biennial 2014 (March 7 – May 25, 2014).

"Parked Toy Escalade," a Zoe Strauss photo on the auction block. Courtesy of First Person Arts.
“Parked Toy Escalade,” a Zoe Strauss photo on the auction block. Courtesy of First Person Arts.

Becca Jennings, press contact at First Person Arts alerted us that FPA is having an online auction of work by Zoe Strauss. There’s only a couple days to spare (it ends Feb. 16), so make the most of a chance to get some. These prints were originally part of a 2007 First Person Arts Festival event, “If You Break the Skin, You Must Come In,” (curated by Charday Laverty). All proceeds benefit FPA.

Brad Maule’s project for the duration of 2014 is a germophobe’s nightmare but heaven for anyone fascinated with our city’s trash taxonomy: he’s collecting, sorting, cataloging, and storing litter that he finds on hikes in Wissahickon Park, to be transformed into an exhibition at the end of the year (January 2015). There’s bound to be numerous interesting gleanings from the litter itself, not to mention the data, maps and photos Maule plans to make along the way.

The industrious ladies of ArtStar have been hard at work gearing up or their 11th Art Star Craft Bazaar at Penn’s Landing, as per usual, but this year they’re unveiling another news item: they’ll also be hosting a 2nd Art Star Craft Bazaar at the Long Beach Island Art Foundation (LBIF) in Loveladies, NJ in July! Let that thought carry you through the rest of this winter…



On the off chance that there are seasoned house-flippers in our ranks (maybe more than we know, crafty folks): Ryan McRae, a casting associate for a titular reality show, is looking for teams of two – couples, family members, best friends, etc.  –  with a strong eye for design and hands-on repair skills. For more information and how to apply, check out House Flippers Casting.


AIGA Philadlephia is now taking submissions for its April art exhibit of interactive design and web animation. This year, they’re requesting animated GIFs, old-school flash work, after effects creations and interactive artwork; no to embedded videos, business or promotional websites. The displayed work goes up at AIGA SPACE for Philly Tech Week and throughout April, complete with QR codes to enhance the viewing experience. To apply, please supply your name, contact information, short entry description, and a URL with your animation (centered in the browser window) to by March 10. There’s no limit on the number of submissions. For AIGA Members entering is free, and for non-members $5. More info here.

Artist News

Philadelphia designer and "Project Runway" winner Dom Streater enjoying her new collection (right) at New York Fashion Week. (Colin Kerrigan /
Philadelphia designer and “Project Runway” winner Dom Streater alongside her latest creations at New York Fashion Week. (Colin Kerrigan /

Philadelphia designer, Moore alumna and all-around wonderful lady Dom Streater is celebrating her first collection for New York Fashion Week since her victory on Project Runway! sat down with her around the same time, and caught up with her busy life. We also hear that Ms. Streater was spotted at this year’s InLiquid Art Benefit, no doubt outshining everyone style-wise.

If not subject to the whims of our seemingly-permanent winter storm pattern, Robert Straight’s latest show at the University of Delaware has its opening reception on Thursday, Feb. 20 from 5-7. RSVP to the gallery, and drive safely.

Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, who was just featured on al Jazeera America, is going bi-coastal. Her show is coming to Betti Ono Gallery in Oakland, CA on February 19! Stop Telling Women To Smile (STWTS), for those who haven’t seen its flyers around, is a public art project that tackles the persistent street harassment women face. If you’re out there, the show is up until April 19, 2014.

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