News post – Pageant:Soloveev back in play, Alex Podesta in Arlington’s CSA retrospective, new look for Leeway, opportunities and more!


Maria Teicher | Articulate, oil on wood panel, 18x24", presented at Fountain, courtesy of Arch Enemy Arts, Philadelphia When looking at the plastic veiled portraits of Maria Teicher, you can't help but find yourself a bit short of breath. - See more at:
Maria Teicher | Articulate, oil on wood panel, 18×24″, presented at Fountain, courtesy of Arch Enemy Arts.

Maria Teicher’s skill for lending images of suffocation a terrifying grandeur was rightly noticed by New American Paintings during the magazine’s Armory Week highlights. “When looking at the plastic veiled portraits of Maria Teicher, you can’t help but find yourself a bit short of breath,” reviewer Elizabeth Devlin, Boston Contributor acknowledges. “We all have our struggles and it’s hard not to view the works through a personal lens, imposing our own narratives upon the obscured figures.” Teicher’s work is part of the showing by Arch Enemy Arts.

Queen Village is always a little more incandescent when Pageant: Soloveev is in full swing, so naturally we’re joyful at the announcement that on Monday, March 17 they’re emerging from a “state of semi-hibernation.” That night, they’re putting on a show presented by the Fire Museum, featuring a slew of energetic experimenters: the Schematics with Katt Hernandez, Dan Blacksberg with the Scriptors Matt Engle, Bryan Rogers, Mike Szekely Gene Coleman, and Nick Millevoi. It starts at 8 PM, with an $8-$10 sliding scale. 

The Leeway Foundation is getting one of the best twentieth anniversary presents you can ask for: a new Designed by Gamut and First Pier Technology, their beautiful new setup includes grant and award applications right on the homepage, an organization of grantees by discipline, grant program, and social change intent, a rich media gallery stocked with audio, photos, and video of past Leeway events, a news blog, and social media integration that allows you to share updates and blog posts.


Two juried Philadelphia craft shows are in the works and searching for submissions. Coinciding with Founding Season weekends (June 7-8 and September 13-14), the shows are set up facing the Liberty Bell & Independence National Park. You can find the artist application at Craft Philadelphia’s site, and make sure to submit your work by April 18 for the first show or July 15 for the latter.

In 2014, the Harpo Foundation has plans to award grants of up to $10,000 each to to under-recognized visual artists of all ages. Grant decisions are scheduled to continue up until about November 1. Visit the Harpo Foundation Web site for complete program guidelines and application instructions.


Artist News

New work from Sarah Gamble, who's been selected for a residency in Roswell. Photo courtesy of the artist.
New work from Sarah Gamble, who’s been selected for a residency in Roswell. Photo courtesy of the artist.

Sarah Gamble is off adventuring in Roswell, New Mexico, with a residency at the city’s Museum of Art. Her bio takes note of the fact that her Maine Coon is along for the duration – we sure hope Tony is pulling his weight as an artist’s assistant and not just lying around all day.

Competition Team is an exhibition of new work by Erin M. Riley, Eric Yevak and Jesse Yuhasz that’s opening tonight at Eric Schindler Gallery in Richmond, VA. From 7pm – 9pm, check out the work and mingle with the artists, and if you can’t make it, the show is on the walls until April 5.

“Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Scientists)” by Alex Podesta. Photo courtesy of the AAC.

Alex Podesta, whose work at Vox we dug into last year, has pieces including “Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Scientists)” and “Self-Portrait as Bunnies (The Bad Boys)” on view in a group show at the Arlington Arts Center of Virginia. CSA: Forty Years of Community-Sourced Art is a vivid celebration of the AAC’s anniversary curated by Laura Roulet that includes not only indoor works and site-specific outdoor public art works, but past and future talent brought back to where they began. Podesta is one of numerous artists whose careers took off at AAC who are featured in the exhibition, so this show is bound to get the community part of the equation right. The show is up until April 13.

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