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[Hey Artblog readers, check out our brand-new, weekly Reader Advisor, where we deliver the web’s art-related must-reads. From interviews with artists to tech exposés, let the Artblog RA guide you! — the Artblog editors]

Gaga in NYC, May 2014

Gallery Goes Gaga: Lady Gaga Gallery Promotes Star at THE OUT in NYC


Global Trends for Film in the 21st Century: What Cannes Really Means

Los Angeles Times

You Gonna Pay for That? Tax-Evading Real Estate Magnate Refuses to Pay for His Art

Art F City

Sheath IV by Maya Mackrandilal (2014)

Dumping on the Biennial — Angry Women and Where the Whitney Went Wrong

The New Inquiry

Culture, Commerce, and the Makings of an Art Capital


Resurrecting the Factory – Warhol Museum Adds NYC Branch

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Finally, a Little Apple Madness! What the New Operating System Means For You



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