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[This week on the artblog Reader Advisor: Forbes, Artnet and The Daily Beast give us art business news; the New York Post recounts a mischievous art performance at the Whitney Museum; and Vice delivers the world of  Vegan Neo-Nazi cupcakes. — the artblog editors]

Art Sales in the Age of the of the Internet Part 2: Fine Art in the Public Spectrum, via Forbes

Amy Poehler as an Art Dealer?, via Artnet

Art Forgery Takes Ebay: How the Online Auction Site Has Been Overrun, via The Daily Beast

Photo by Antoine Lutens and courtesy of the New York Post
Canadian Performance Art at the Whitney. Photo by Antoine Lutens and courtesy of the New York Post

Bloody Brilliance: Canadian Performance Artist Makes Statement at the Whitney, via New York Post

LA Art Arrives: How the West Coast Mecca is Making It’s Name in the Art World, via New York TImes Style Magazine

Vegan Neo-Nazis? Cakes ‘n’ Treats Doesn’t Appear to be Anything Different, via Vice

NYC Simplified: A Comprehensive Map of the City’s DIY Art Scene, via Huffington Post



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