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[This week on the Artblog Reader Advisor: Pro basketball player Ron Artest’s latest name change has him going by “The Pandas Friend”; an LA Times op-ed explains why people need to see gruesome war photos; and Wired profiles Edward Snowden. — the Artblog editors]

Art Sales in the Age of the Internet: Artspace and the Changing World of Web Sales, via Bloomberg

The Future of Art in Washington D.C., via Washington City Paper

Photographing the Unseen: War and What Goes on Behind the Scenes, via The LA Times

Photo courtesy Art F City
Photo courtesy Art F City

Shenanigans at Sotheby’s: One Corporation’s Financial Plight, via Art F City

Barney’s New York: Your One-Stop Shop for Luxury Items and Racial Profiling!, via The New York Times

The 34-Year-Old Child: From Ron Artest to “Pandas Friend,” via ESPN

Long Read: An In-Depth Profile of Edward Snowden, in the Wake of His Recent Residency Permit, via Wired



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