Live Comments – Michael Andre on Sari Dienes

Postcard from Paik to Dienes.

Andrea Kirsh’s review of the Sari Dienes show at the Drawing Center (read it here) stated that Dienes was at the center of the art scene during the 1950s-1980s, yet now her name is largely unknown.  Andrea’s post inspired artblog contributor Michael Andre to email a comment on Dienes, whom he knew. I have read Michael’s comment and you can hear it below the written word.

I first saw Sari Dienes’ work in the ‘70s at Buecker & Harpsichords. I liked it and said so in an article in the Village Voice. We became friends. The highlight of that friendship had to be a party at Sari’s house at Stony Point. John and Yoko and Julian and Sean were there. Yoko nursed baby Sean. I skinny-dipped with John and we smoked a joint. Sari knew everybody. — Michael Andre