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[This week on the Artblog Midweek Reader Advisor: A few lists to entertain you during #Snowmageddon2015; Bjork bids a bitter bye to boyfriend Barney; and an art museum decides to hide a certain work’s existence. — the Artblog editors]

Dia de Los Muertos: Archaeologists Might Just Have Found Cervantes’ Body, via CBC News

Political Cartoonists “Draw the Line” in New Book Spurred by Charlie Hebdo Tragedy, via Independent

Does this Robert Ryman pain remind you of anything? Image via ArtNet.
Does this Robert Ryman painting remind you of anything? Image via ArtNet.

Tired of Hearing About Snow? Read and Watch Things About It, via ArtNet

Victoria & Albert Museum Pretends It Doesn’t Know What Muhammad Looks Like, via the Guardian

Don’t Call It a Bjork-Up, via ArtNews


Better Than Buzzfeed: Oscar Films For Every Personality, via the New York Times

Benedict Cumberbatch in "The Imitation Game". Image via the New York Times.
Benedict Cumberbatch in “The Imitation Game”. Image via the New York Times.

National Air and Space Museum Falls Victim to Air and Light and Time and Space—Okay, And Money, via Greater Greater Washington

Here’s a Solid Travel Guide for Art Lovers, via Huffington Post