Live Comments – First Friday, February 6, 2015, at the Vox building


Before we ventured out to look at art last First Friday, The St. Claire and The Artblog teams got together to talk about the upcoming guest editorship of The Artblog by The St. Claire!! A friendly take-over!  Stay tuned for lots of exciting news about April’s first guest-editorship-ever of The Artblog.

Meanwhile, enjoy this First Friday Live Comments — two minutes long and featuring:
Patrick Coughlin (Napoleon) on tools, labor and the body; Chris Davison and Anthony Miler (Grizzly Grizzly); Wayne Hodge (Practice) on his minstrel series collages sourced from the Library of Congress digital archives, sci fi magazines and pulp fiction covers; and Robert Goodman at Pace University in New York (Goodman is chair of Fine Arts, Photography and Digital Arts at Moore).


anthony miler, christopher davison, guest editor, matt kalasky, patrick coughlin, Richard Harrod, the st. claire, wayne hodge



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