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[This week on the Artblog Reader Advisor: Despite efforts to recruit more women in tech, they’re leaving the industry in droves; the Barnes Foundation uncovered two previously unseen Cezanne sketches; and Edward Snowden has a hard time answering questions on Reddit. – the Artblog editors]

Beam Us Up: We Love This Multipurpose Projector-Meets-Lightbulb, via Wired

Art Museums Selfie-Stick it to Narcissistic Patrons, via the Kansas City Star

Codexodus: Women Leaving Tech Industry En Masse, via the LA Times

"Hollywood's Best Party". Image via Huffington Post.
“Hollywood’s Best Party”. Image via Huffington Post.

Here’s Who Won at the Oscars on Sunday, via the New York Times

Here’s a Sculpture That Got Kicked Out of the Oscars’ Neighborhood on Sunday, via the Huffington Post

Cezanne Surprise: Barnes Foundation Discovers Secret Sketches, via Artnet

Image via Artnet.
Image via Artnet.

Tricksy Taxi Tipping Technology Means You’ll Pony Up More Money, via TechCrunch

Triste Anniversaire: Paris’ Musee Maillol Closes Its Doors, via the Art Newspaper

Edward Snowden Encounters Tech Trouble in Reddit AMA, via Gizmodo