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Activism, Evangelism, Art – Panel at Slought wows ’em!


[Here’s a brief update on our Artist and Social Responsibility (ASR) project.]

More than 100 people turned out Monday night at Slought to hear internationally-acclaimed artists Pepon Osorio (left) and Ken Lum (second from right) speak with ICA Director Amy Sadao and Slought’s Aaron Levy (right) about art, community, trust, responsibility, institutions, history, the public and lots more.

4 people sitting
Left to right, Pepon Osorio, Amy Sadao, Ken Lum and Aaron Levy speaking at Sought Monday night for our panel discussion “Activism, Evangelism, Art.”

Best Conversation Ever – With your help we can Do It Again!

It was an intense, passionate and intellectual conversation, punctuated with humor and light moments, like when Aaron asked a question regarding “trust,” and Ken piped up with “I don’t trust the question.”

We are so thankful to the participants for donating their time, energy and thoughts to a discussion whose time is absolutely right for Philadelphia now, when more art is being made with more communities than ever before.  Special thanks to Aaron and Slought for embracing the event and being such gracious hosts.

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