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From the vault: Frank Bramblett on Artblog Radio

Revered Philly artist and teacher Frank Bramblett has a new retrospective at the Woodmere Art Museum, exploring his rejection of traditional art-making methods. We chatted with Frank a few years ago about how his solitary childhood influenced his creation process, and more. -- the artblog editors


Frank Bramblett at Woodmere Art Museum

Frank Bramblett grew up in a small town in rural Alabama where he played in the Alabama mud as a child. He also had an imaginary friend, Graham, who talked to him constantly. Frank’s large abstract paintings spring from his love of materials and from his need to experiment like an alchemist. You can see several marvelous paintings of his in the exhibit Elemental: Nature as Language now on view at Woodmere Art Museum (to April 22).

Frank taught at Tyler School of Art for many years and had a huge impact on many students. When he retired in 2010, his former students organized an exhibition in his honor called Thanks, Frank. We were fortunate to co-teach a class at Tyler with Frank in 2006. In this episode, Frank reveals his secret friend Graham to us, and talks about truth.

And right below is the YouTube slide version of this podcast.

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