Live Comments – Bridgette Mayer on Eileen Neff’s new Costa Rican works


[This episode of Live Comments features Bridgette Mayer talking about the show currently at her gallery by Eileen Neff.]

Eileen Neff’s 3-week residency in Costa Rica produced some lush images of animals, plants and birds dealt with in Neff’s anthropomorphic way. Listen to the brief (5 minutes) audio of gallerist Bridgette Mayer talking about the works, then go have a conversation with the standing and seated leaves, and the horse, whose gaze is captivating. Perfect show to transport you to another climate, when you really need it. The show is up to April 18.  Here’s a link to the gallery website.


animals, bridgette mayer, costa rica, eileen neff, nature, photography



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