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Beauty ban — First Friday recap by the St. Claire

If you had a hard time getting out and about on Friday, April 3, we've got you covered! St. Claire editors and contributors Allison Hardt, Stacey Holder, Matt Kalasky, Suzanne Seesman, and Zach Rawe discuss the sights and happenings of April's First Friday. - Nicola, the guest editor


Exhibitions covered:

Hello My Name is Automat at AUTOMAT

Pattie Chalmers’ Mudmaid Museum at Practice

Susie Brandt’s Paradise at Grizzly Grizzly

cinder blocks in shades of grey
Sharon Koelblinger, “Your Bricks Are My Bread” (2015). Concrete, graphite. Image by Matt Kalasky,

Sharon Koelblinger’s A Scar is a Question Mark at Vox Populi

Gabriel (Gus) Boyce’s Shirts and Stones at Vox Populi

Screens at Little Berlin

Tony Garbarini’s Historical Drift or: If You Say Something, See Something at FJORD