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[This month’s Reader Advisor posts are brought to you by our guest editors, the Nicola Midnight St. Claire, or Nicola, as she sometimes likes to be called. We’ve got: Chris Kraus’ reflections on making her own “art school” curriculum; a brutally honest look at capitalism and climate change through the ages; and an equally brutal, satirical college rejection letter; and more. — the artblog editors]

Chris Kraus (Still Trying to Make Her Case As an Arts Outsider) Ponders the Value and Meaning of Art School, via ArtSpace​

Could Art Criticism Be Poetic or Even Avant-Garde (Again)?, via TemporaryArtReview​

chris kraus
Image via Chris Kraus.

“You Mean to Tell Me, You Want More Than ONE Year of Art Funding?”, via GroundSwell​

If you don’t read Jacobin, you should. They Let You Know About: “I Believe That These Repeated Encounters Contribute to the Complementary Belief That the Planet Is an Unlimited ‘Toilet-Mother,’ Capable of Absorbing Our Toxic Products to Infinity.”

Chilling and Dancing, ​via New York Times​


You Should Also Know That Our Committee Did Not Fall for Your Attempts to Look “Humble” or “Well-Rounded,” via McSweeney’s​